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This website will be closed soon... please go to for the most current information.  It will help you get familiar with our wonderful school and it's fabulous PTA! Thank you for your patience as we develop our new and user friendly site!
PTA Membership! PTA is a wonderful place to get school event information. It is also a great place where parents and staff can come together and lend a helping hand where our school needs it most. Becoming a member of PTA means you will feel and be involved at whatever level you choose. You are important here! A Membership flyer is available in the front office...Be on the look out for it! We are excited to meet and greet all of you! Thank you for your support!
PTA Volunteers!
We are welcoming all parents/guardians to step into the new school year with an ambition to BE INVOLVED in their student's life at Marblehead! We would love your help to make their experience in their elementary years a fun and fantastic success! Please offer your talents by contacting our new 2018 PTA President, James Gregath at We appreciate everyone who is able and willing to volunteer!
For other upcoming events, please slowly scroll to the bottom...

DONATE to Marblehead:
Donations really do go a long way with school activities and learning beyond the curriculum! Along with fundraisers for our school, we have a few shopping opportunities we'd love to share that help contribute to Marblehead Elementary!! 
The following programs are FREE to you. 

Your weekly grocery trips don't go to waste...
Ralph's will REWARD OUR SCHOOL!!
Please take a few minutes to do this...Marblehead will get a substantial amount of money every time you shop for groceries!! It is a GREAT way to donate to our wonderful school!
Starting Sept. 1st- Click on the Ralphs logo above to register your rewards account, you can scroll down to "Participant" and click "Enroll Now"
 to start
go into your online account info, then follow directions to link your card. You can also call directly at 1-800-443-4438 for help or even ask a Ralph's employee in the store. 
Pssst. This one pays the most! So, start today to help our school now!
Now you can earn FREE money for Marblehead! 
Just click on the Amazon Smile logo above, search & select Marblehead PTA, place your order and Marblehead will get a % of your sales.
IT'S THAT EASY! (Please note the URL is different than However, it will be the same exact shopping experience.)
Happy Shopping!! 
 Also... Start collecting your Box Tops Now!
Please save them for our Box Tops Drives!
PTA does not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these products.  PTA will receive a small percentage of every sale. If you decide to purchase any products, we thank you!

Marblehead PTA would like to remember
our incredible and loving teacher, Ms. Nusenow.
We Miss You! 

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